October 2005 - The Benefits of Plastic Coil Binding

Plastic coil elements spring back to shape when handled roughly, making this binding style a good choice for children's books.

Projects like cookbooks, children’s books, computer manuals and desk calendars, along with sports media guides and educational books, usually need to lay flat, fold 360 degrees and withstand frequent use. Plastic coil binding meets all those requirements, and a few more:

Durability: Plastic coil binding elements have a memory that allows them to easily reshape. If dropped or gripped tightly, it will return to its coil form. The binding elements are also safe for children’s books, because the crimped edges are less likely to scratch the skin or hang up on clothing.

A variety of sizes and colors: Plastic coil binding elements are available in several diameters and a rainbow of colors to match your designs. Involve us early in the project to coordinate the color of binding elements with the cover design; some colors may require a special order.

Planning and Design Tips: Unlike other mechanical binding styles, plastic coil binding requires holes punched the full length of the sheet, from head to foot. The height of the book determines how many holes will be needed. We offer on-site automatic punching and can handle projects that require hand punching, such as those with heavier-gauge cover stocks.

Watch the margins: Plastic coil signatures are gathered in stacks, rather than nested. For that reason, strict copy margins must be incorporated into their design. Binding-edge copy margins are important to the appearance and usage of plastic coil-bound books. Remember to keep a margin of 3/8 " to 1/2" from finish trim to the edge of the copy, for punching and spooling.

Avoid crossovers: Plastic coil layflat capabilities are a primary benefit to this binding style. However, crossover images will exhibit a "step-up" effect when the book is open. If the product has a great deal of images, data or text which must align, consider using a Wire-O or perfect bound format.

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