November 2005 - Project Preparation

Be sure to provide complete information to us when requesting an estimate. The quote you receive back will be as accurate as possible.

The success of a binding project hinges on communication between the designers, the printer and your post press provider. Often, throughout the project cycle all parties must communicate several times to ensure the right product outcome is achieved. All projects can benefit from proper preparation. Below are some tips for better project planning.

The Basics
The first communication with your post press shop is when you request an estimate. In order to eliminate confusion and production problems down the road, be sure to include all the basics required for the project in the estimate. Here’s a short checklist of the basic information to include when requesting an estimate:

- A detailed listing of all the processes you expect to be performed by your   binder, i.e. specialty folds, auto hinge cover, etc.
- Final trim size and dimensions
- Quantity
- Is it a rerun, or a rerun with changes?
- Page count
- Presence of crossover images and bleeds
- Target delivery date

Purchase Orders
Companies that use purchase orders should make the most of these documents. Be sure the details on your purchase order reflect completely the scope of the work needed to be performed by your bindery.

If your project is unusually complex, contact Printers Bindery early in the design phase to determine whether a prototype is necessary for accurate production. A customized prototype takes the guesswork out of complicated designs by allowing you to spot problems and find solutions. Ideally, prototype requests should be reserved for challenging projects that include intricate technical details or unorthodox stock.

The Printers Bindery, Inc. Advantage
Quality and customer service are hallmarks of our approach to business at Printers Bindery, Inc. Call us in the early planning stages of a project so we can help with the preparation. Working together, we can eliminate waste and produce top-quality products. Our expertise is at your service.

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