December 2005 - Scheduling and Planning Annual Reports

At Printers Bindery, we can perform both perfect and mechanical binding, allowing you to choose the best binding style for all annual report recipients.

By their nature, high-end annual reports can be complex to plan. They can't be completed until all the necessary financial information has been gathered, yet SEC filing deadlines and shareholder demand require high-quality, fast-turnaround production. This makes advance planning and scheduling one of the most critical steps in the annual report production process.

The post press experts at Printers Bindery are well-positioned to handle the most quality-critical, detail-oriented annual report projects. Here are a few tips to help you plan your annual report project for worry-free production:

Scheduling is Key

While annual reports are often put together in stages as information is made available, choosing printing and post press partners should be your first step. Demand for production time is at a peak during annual report season, so be sure you schedule your annual report project well in advance of your deadline.

Send us your specs online! At Printers Bindery, we make it easy to begin scheduling your annual reports. Send us your project details using our online estimate form at, and we’ll begin scheduling and planning your annual reports as soon as we receive your information.

Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

The annual report presents the "big picture" of a company's performance year-over-year. Do the same by keeping your focus on the big picture when planning your reports. Start by answering a few simple questions: How many reports will I need? What style (or styles) of binding will they require? What type of cover decoration will be used? And most importantly, what is my hard, non-negotiable delivery deadline?

Your answers to these questions may be all it takes to begin planning your annual reports, so don't hesitate to commit to your printer and post press provider. To do otherwise may put your anticipated delivery date at risk.

Don't Compromise on Protection

Outstanding production quality can be compromised with poorly-planned packing, shipping and protection. If you plan to distribute your reports in small batches, shrink wrapping may be a valuable finishing step that will help prevent scuffing and transit marking. UV coating performed at Printers Bindery can make your report covers pop and offer plenty of protection.

The Printers Bindery, Inc. Advantage

At Printers Bindery, we consistently rise to the challenge of producing high-end, high-quality, high-volume annual reports. With both perfect and mechanical binding styles performed in-house, we offer plenty of binding choices, including the ability to produce a “combination run” using both styles. Also, our folding, collating, index tabbing, film laminating and UV coating services ensure that your annual reports will be in our hands for the duration of the production cycle.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Printers Bindery!

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